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Making More from Sheep
Making More From Sheep

1. News:

You set the targets, we help you get there

Six Australian cattle and sheep producers are invited to take up the challenge to make more from their business. You could be one of them…

The MLA challenge is a new program that will showcase how six producers make positive change in their businesses over the next 12 months and take the rest of Australia along for the journey. If selected to take part, you will be supported with a business coach, a producer mentor and a wealth of industry information, resources and experts to improve the productivity and profitability of your business.

The aim of the MLA challenge is for you to outperform your current benchmarks while tackling the vagaries and challenges of everyday farm life. And this is the basis for how you compete in the challenge. For further information read the full press release, see the advertisement or visit the MLA Challenge webpage -

Sheep welfare standards public consultation

Public consultation on the draft Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Cattle and for Sheep will close on May 6th. The standards and guidelines will replace the current Model Codes of Practice for the Welfare of Cattle and Sheep, with the main difference being that the new standards are based on the latest knowledge and technology and will be adopted into legislation. The development of the standards and guidelines is a government and industry initiative coordinated by Animal Health Australia.

The welfare standards cover the full range of on-farm cattle and sheep management practices where welfare is a consideration, such as castration, dehorning and tail docking. However live exports, saleyards, abattoirs and domestic transport are not included in these standards and are covered by their own separate arrangements.

For information on how to participate in the consultation process click through to the full press release or for further details and to download the relevant documents.

Updated drought publications

AWI has recently updates three drought publications:

  1. Which sheep do I keep?
  2. Managing sheep in drought lots.
  3. Managing fodder prices for droughts.

The publications are also relevant to producers wanting to use containment areas to prevent soil erosion prior to autumn rain or for keeping stock off paddocks in order to build up a feed wedge. The publications can be downloaded from the drought resources page on the AWI website.

2. R & D Update:

Helping sperm go the distance

Artificial insemination, especially using frozen semen, is a tool used all over the world to spread superior genetics and breed animals efficiently.  Unfortunately, the sheep industry has been unable to take full advantage of these benefits due to low pregnancy rates following cervical artificial insemination with frozen thawed sperm. A research project being undertaken by Jessica Rickard of  at the University of Sydney and supported by the Sheep CRC aims to gain greater insight into the protein changes that occur to sperm during freezing, how these changes affect sperm function and ultimately establish methods for fixing the problems identified. For an update on the project click here.

3. In Brief:

Lifetime Ewe Management Economic days

Recently, Making More from Sheep held a series of events for past and current Lifetime Ewe Management participants in Wongan Hills, Wagin and Cranbrook. John Young of Farming Systems Analysis Service and Jason Trompf of J. T. Agri-search presented a comprehensive day on the economics of adopting Lifetime Ewe Management principles. At each day attendees also had an opportunity to hear from case study farmers from their region about how they had implemented improved ewe management principles in their enterprise and see the accompanying economic analysis. Key messages included:

  • The most efficient way of ensuring maximum lambs is by improving the management of twinning ewes in late pregnancy rather than investing in more feed at joining; and
  • the value of scanning for pregnancy increases with the percentage of twinning ewes in the flock.

John Young presenting on the whole farm impact of implementing Lifetime Ewe Management principles at Wogan Hills, WA

Sheep - the simple guide to making more money with less work

This publication was launched for WA producers in 2011 and has recently been updated to be more relevant to the entire sheep-cereal zone. Hardcopies are available from Janelle Holzberger at the Sheep CRC ( or an electronic copy can be downloaded here (4MB). A high rainfall version will be available by September.

4. Coming Events

Making More from Sheep  runs a range of events mostly aimed at small groups/audiences of sheep producers looking to improve skills and knowledge on a topic of local interest. State Coordinators are available to organise events and presenters to suit local needs and are keen to work with groups, facilitators or service providers for single events or a series of activities. For further information contact your state coordinator or check out the the Making More from Sheep Events page.  

Rob Herrmann presenting a session on Confident Livestock Marketing at Deloraine, Tas.