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Making More from Sheep

MMFS Events


MMFS Events

After nearly 9 years, Making More From Sheep local events have come to an end. Over this time around 20,300 participants from all sheep producing areas in Australia have attended 1,035 workshops, courses or webinars based on one or more of the 12 Making More From Sheep (MMFS) modules. A summary of program achievements will be available on the MMFS home page from February 2017.

A final series of 10 Making More From Sheep webinars will start in February 2017. For further information on these webinars contact 

During 2017, AWI will continue to invest in information programs for woolgrowers, including its flagship Grower Networks program. MLA will launch a new program for sheep meat producers called Profitable Grazing Systems, to be based on a group coaching model.

The content of the 12 Making More From Sheep modules, accessible through this website, will be kept up-to-date as a resource for sheep industry participants.

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